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  • patient and daughter
    smart phone with DAP EPS on the screen
    “ I really like the calendar view and also
    the feature that allows me to look up
    my moms medical information. It is great
    because it is accurate information.”
    - Daughter of Regional Cancer Care Northwest Patient
  • doctors smiling
    tablet computer with DAP EPS on the screen
    “Physicians are really excited about the test
    result notification feature. They really think it
    will be beneficial for both patients and doctors to
    be notified”
    - DAP-EPS Implementation Lead
  • elder man smiling at a computer
    computer with DAP EPS on the screen
    “I navigated the site today. Thanks for adding more
    appointments to my profile. I also added another
    caregiver and checked on the information
    links. Again, I find the tool easy to navigate around.
    Information and/or help is easily accessible
    to patients and/or caregivers. I would give this
    site a two thumbs up! Congrats to your Team!”
    - DAP-EPS Patient Focus Group Member

Welcome to the DAP-EPS Website.

This is an interactive tool designed to ensure you have the medical information and support you need as you progress through your diagnostic journey.

What can I do on the DAP-EPS?

  • View my appointments and referrals
  • Find out whether test results are available
  • View my diagnostic process and the ’Next Steps’
  • Get specific explanations about diagnostic procedures and medical terminology
  • Find contact information for my DAP
  • View a list of all my healthcare providers through a provider address book (My Care Team page)
  • Invite a family member or friends to receive information and follow my diagnostic process
  • Access information on Healthy Living

Watch this user Testimonial for more Info!